Autumn Days


Walking through the fields at the break of the day,

I feel the wind on my face, and watch the trees sway,

The summer days are loosing their hold,

Another year will pass with the coming darker days; the encroaching cold.

As I walk I wonder what the future will be, as mid life tips the measure?

I have less time left on this earth, than days now past on earthly pleasure.

Will I grow older, and gracefully so,

By keeping my health, independence, watch grandchildren grow?

Will I keep my memories of the best and worst,

And the bits in-between that were never rehearsed ?

I look back on my life, with so many regrets,

But choose to look forward, and just try to forget

All the lost chances, opportunities missed,

My childhood dreams I left adrift.

But the rough road travelled has come and gone, and now its time to stop awhile

To hold my loved ones ever close, and take the time to simply breathe…..and smile.


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